About Us

Mission Statement


Magical Adventures Learning Center is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment in which children become creative lifelong learners, as well as responsible and productive members of a rapidly changing society.  

The knowledgeable and caring staff will provide an atmosphere which encourages all children to grow and develop emotionally, socially, physically and academically. 

Our Philosophy


The business philosophy of Magical Adventures is to create a lasting relationship not only with parents, but more importantly, the children. We believe treating staff fairly and generous, always. Our industry is one of service and we will strive to provide the best service possible.  

Magical Adventures Learning Center believes that children need an opportunity to explore and experience a variety of activities; to discover the joy of I am; I can. Children will be free to select materials and activities that are designed by knowledgeable and skilled teachers within an environment that encourages discovery and problem solving. Each child will be viewed as a unique individual and experiences will be planned to meet each child’s needs.   

Missouri Accreditation, Missouri Eat Smart, and Missouri Move Smart Center