Infants (non-mobile)

We are licensed to accept infants at Birth. Our Infant suite holds 24 infants/toddlers. The children are at their own schedule in this room.


Infant/Toddlers (crawlers)

We are able to separate the infant/toddlers by developmental level. This helps to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.

Toddlers (walkers)

The toddlers are able to learn through play. They will use their senses to navigate their world. 


Social-Emotional curriculum is paramount in this age group. Children will, also, learn basic educational information and life skills.

Young Three's

Children are engaged while practicing their social skills. In addition, the children will be introduced to the basic concepts in early academic learning.

Missouri Preschool Program

These classrooms are recipients of the Missouri Preschool Program through the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. Children are engaged throughout the day through Creative Curriculum, a play-based curriculum that allows for investigative learning.