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Magical Adventures Learning Center

500 am Good Morning
7:15 am Handwashing
8:00 am Welcome to our Day
8:30 am Language Activities (Language, Literacy, Communication
9:00 am Individual Play Time
9:30 am Structured Outside Play (Physical Development, Health, Well-Being)
10:00 am Potty Breaks/Hand Washing
10:30 am Structured Subject Learning (Math, Science, Technology)
11:15 am Hand Washing
Set Table
12:30 pm Nap Time
2:30 pm Outside Play Time
3:15 pm Hand Washing
3:30 pm Time/Art Activities (Visual, Dramatic Arts, Music)
4:00 pm Centers
7:00 pm Hand Washing
8:00 pm Goodnight

• • Restroom breaks will be as needed by each individual child