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Magical Adventures Learning Center

5:00 am Good Morning
7:30 am Handwashing
8:00 am Welcome to our Day
8:30 am Language Activities (Language, Literacy, Communication
9:00 am Structured Outside Play (Physical Development, Health, Well-Being)
9:30 am Structured Subject Learning (Math, Science, Technology)
10:30 am Circle Time (Music, Singing, Storytelling, Open Discussion)
11:00 am Handwashing
Set Table
11:15 am Lunch
12:30 pm Nap Time
2:00 pm Story Time/Circle Time
2:30 pm Art Activities (Visual, Dramatic Art, Music)
3:30 pm Hand Washing
4:00 pm Outside Play Time
4:30 pm Hand Washing
Centers/Individual Play
5:30 pm Circle Time (Review the day’s activities)
6:30 pm Table Games
7:00 pm Hand Washing
8:00 pm Individual Play

• • Restroom breaks will be as needed by each individual child

Toddler Activities

Language Activities:
• Talking to the children at every opportunity using simple directions
• Expand Vocabulary using synonyms “big and large” “baby puppy and doggie”
• Teach children expressions like “thank you” “please” “may I …”
• Teach concepts of “under, over, behind”
• Introduce adjectives “hot water, cold water”
• Introduce adverbs “walk slowly” “quickly clean up”
• Always using the child’s name when referring to him/her
• Teach action words while doing action “hop” “jump” “walk”
• Always describe actions in words, state what you are doing
• Read lots of books and tell stories
• Play guessing games and hide and seek
• Count everything when giving items to children, fingers, toes, buttons on jacket, etc
• Teach child his/her age and have them demonstrate with the hand how old they are
• Color identification “Bring me all the red blocks”
• Point features out that are more complex like “Where’s Johnny’s elbow?” “Here is Johnny’s elbow.”
• Mirror play pointing out features of the child
• Cut pictures of items and glue to paper, show actual object

Sensorimotor Activities:
• Push Toys
• Variety of surfaces to explore – grass, cement, sand, water
• Beanbags and throwing games at targets, balls too
• Paper punch holes and make designs
• Felt Boards and adding creations to them
• Go for a walk and stimulate all senses, collect “treasures”
• Cardboard Boxes to play in, push, pull, tunnels, playhouses
• Give child certain items (amount shape) have them imitate
• Identify objects in bag by touch
• Cut numbers and letters out in sandpaper and let the children explore
• Use push pins for a child to trace
• String items on string, clothespin usage
• Place a thick piece of yarn onto the floor and have children walk the line for balance and dexterity

Art Activities:
• Drawing certain objects
• Create rubbings with various items
• Gluing a variety of objects onto paper
• Finger-painting with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, pudding onto a tray
• Play-doh, clay play
• Yarn creations onto paper
• Pipe Cleaners and make shapes

Music Activities:
• Teach simple songs “Ring around the rosie”
• Play Various style of music and dance to the rhythm
• Make homemade instruments or regular instruments and let the child create their own music and have a parade
• Teach nursery rhymes and have children sing along

Dramatic-Play Activities:
• Pretend play with various “dress-up” clothes
• Pretend play with keys, combs, purses, wallets
• Mirror play by making different faces (happy, sad, scary, funny)
• Flashlight shadows
• Play pretend games “This is the way we wash our clothes”
• Imitation games “bird flapping its wings, tree growing”
• Charades
• Dolls, pots and pans, play dishes, cars etc