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Guidance Policies

Magical Adventures Learning Center believes that our center is a child’s world with most actions being okay. We know that teaching positive behaviors and setting clear limits must be established. The children will have the security in knowing what they can and can not do. Limits will be based on the child’s growth and developmental stage. Behavior problems will be fewer because we know what to expect of children at each age and developmental stage. We will set the learning environment so that the “No’s” are at a minimum. Limits will, also, be based on health, safety and the rights of others (including children, parents and staff). The guidance practices will help the child learn about self control, self-esteem, self-direction and cooperation.

Discipline will be individualized and consistent for each child. It shall be appropriate to each child’s level of understanding and be directed toward teaching the child acceptable behavior and self-control.

Time-outs (one minute per age) and redirection will be the course of action for inappropriate behavior. A quiet, private talk will be given showing respect for the child’s feelings. We will praise the child that is behaving appropriately and catch the child being good and comment on that to the child. We will avoid always catching the child engaging in inappropriate behavior.

Under no circumstance will spanking, hitting, biting or any other form of corporal punishment will be allowed. Corporal punishment is against the law.

We will not withhold food and/or drink as a form of punishment.

We will not tolerate the frightening, shaming, belittling or humiliating of a child.

We will not engage in the following activities or threats as disciplinary measures as they are inappropriate: restraints, washing the child mouth with soap or any other substance, taping or obstructing the child’s mouth, profane or abusive language, placing the child in a dark place, isolation without supervision, verbal abuse or a loud voice and/or forced physical activity such as running laps, doing push-ups, etc.

Children are children, not adults

Learning to express emotions verbally and honestly is a normal part of childhood. We can help by modeling appropriate behavior and by teaching an acceptable vocabulary to express anger, annoyance, sadness, etc. We must keep our eyes and ears open to possible discipline problems that can be avoided and we must always listen to what children have to say. The “Stop and Think” method will be taught to all children.
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Should Your Child Take a Sick Day Policy

Maintaining a healthy center is our priority. While we do understand that we can not control every issue, as some children will get sick while at the center, we will use the general guidelines listed below. The below guidelines will be used to determine if a child needs to be removed from the general population and a parent/legal guardian will be notified to pick up the child from the center. In the same respect, when you are wondering how sick is too sick for your child to attend child care, please refer to these general guidelines, but not limited to:

• Diarrhea
• Repeated vomiting
• Fever of 100.0 degrees or higher when taken by mouth or ear; 99 degrees or higher when taken under the arm
• Severe sore throat
• Thick discharge from the eye
• Earache
• Mouth sores accompanied with drooling
• Wheezing
• Uncontrolled or sever coughing
• Dry mouth
• Lice
• Chicken Pox
• Measles
• Mumps
• Unexplained irritability
• Skin problems, including discolored skin, rashes, or itchiness

These symptoms are outlined by the Department of Health.
Any child who has or had any of the above symptoms may not return back to the center for a period of 24 hours without the aids of medication. The child must remain symptom free for an entire 24 hour period, unless a doctor’s note states the child is no longer or was ever contagious.

Tuition Schedule

Ages Full Time (4-5 days) Part Time (3 days or less)
6 Weeks - 12 Month $205.00 $150.00
12 Month - 24 Month $195.00 $140.00
2 Year Olds $175.00 $130.00
3 Year Olds
(Not potty-trained)
$175.00 $130.00
3 Year Olds $160.00 $130.00
4 Year Olds $160.00 $130.00
5 Year Olds $160.00 $130.00
Preschool Day Before or After School $90.00 N/A
Preschool Day Before and After School $140.00 N/A
Before School $55.00 $12.00 per day
After School $65.00 $16.00 per day
Before and After School $90.00 $20.00 per day
School Full Day $130.00 N/A

Extended hours (Before 6am or after 6pm)
All children $30.00 extra per week

*Discounts apply for multiple children.
School closing and early releases will incur additional charges
Rates are subject to change.

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