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Magical Adventures Learning Center

5-6:00 am Good Morning – Soothing music playing throughout the day
7:00 am Individual Play Time
8:00 am Language Activities Play Time
8:45 am Outside Play Time
9:15 am Feedings
10:00 am Napping
11:00 am Sensory motor Skills
Play Time
Noon Feedings
1:00 pm Dramatic Play Time
2:00 pm Art Play Time
3:00 pm Outside Play Time
3:30 pm Feedings
4:00 pm Napping
General Hygiene
5:00 pm Individual Play Time
6-7:00 pm Diapering
Good Night

• Diapers will be changed as needed by each individual child
• Feedings will be on the child’s schedule
• Naps will be on the child’s schedule

Infant Activities

Language Activities:
• Talking to the children at every opportunity
• Imitating the child so that the child becomes aware of sounds – no “baby talking”
• Using words correctly and in simple sentences with enthusiasm
• Always using the child’s name when referring to him/her
• Pointing out object, using the same word for the object
• Always describe actions in words, state what you are doing
• Show the child picture books, describe the pictures, name objects, ask child to point out certain objects and say the name
• Play games like “So Big”, “Pat-A-Cake”, “I Wiggle”, etc
• Count the child’s fingers and toes
• Point features out like “Where’s Johnny’s nose?” “Here is Johnny’s nose.”
• Mirror play pointing out features of the child

Sensorimotor Activities:
• Touch the child warmly and gently and allowing child to touch and feel the staff face
• Exercise child by pulling the child gently by the hands until the child is in a sitting position, clap child’s hands, move child’s feet like he/she is riding a bike
• Hold an object out from the child and move in slowly so that the child will focus on it and/or reach for it to hold
• Play “Catch the Finger”
• Provide the child toys that are easily able to hold with various textures, shapes, materials, and sounds
• Visual stimulation by hanging pictures on the wall, mobiles over the crib, or toys that are brightly colored, hanging shiny items up over the crib
• Hearing stimulation by crumbling paper and letting the child kick it to hear the cracking, shaking a rattle in each ear, crumbling paper in each ear, etc
• Water play – the child can hold a wet cloth or sponge to experience the variety of sensations (hard, soft, wet, dry, warm and cold)

Art Activities:
• Once the child can hold a crayon, letting the child scribble and explore with markers

Music Activities:
• Sing to Baby encouraging the child to clap or dance
• Play Various style of music and dance to the rhythm
• Make homemade instruments or regular instruments and let the child create their own music

Dramatic-Play Activities:
• Play Peek-a-boo
• Pretend play with keys, combs, purses, wallets
• Toy phone play